Kennel Maxt Out's

Breeder of English Mastiffs

Results 2010




Köping International


Judge: Fabrizio La Rocca


Sormus's Hope For Maxt Out's CAC, CACIB Best Of Breed!


Best Male Komandorans Fernando





World Winner 2010


Judge: Christofer Habig


Maxt Out's Close Enought To Perfect, Exelent 3 in juniorclass


Maxt Out's By Your Side, Exelent 4 in Openclass


Owner Kennel Snooze, Denmark









Jönköping International


Judge: Petra Junehall


Best Of Breed with CAC, CACIB Maxt Out's Bark At The Moon




Best Of Sex with CACIB SE UCH SE V-10 Dibest Swedish Lady


Big Congratulations to Åsa Andersson with family, we are so proud over you!!!!








Judge: Zirik Zafra


SV-10 SE UCH Dibest Swedish Lady became best female with CACIB


and got the titel Swedish winner 2010 at Avesta International!


Also Maxt Out's Bark At The Moon entered the show with exelent and 4 best male.


A Big thank you to Åsa with family for keeping up the good work with "our" girl!






German Mastiffclub show.


Judge: Mr. R. Boatwright, U.K.


Maxt Out's By Your Side (Svea) became 2 vinner in openclass female


and got price with her owner Jacob for best handling at German Mastiffclub show.


Maxt Out's Close Enough To Perfect (Cefin) became Best young dog


and winner of best movement.


A BIG Congratulations to their owner Jacob at kennel Snooze in Denmark!







Swedish mastiffclub show i Karlstad


Judge: Gunnel Holm, Finland



Maxt out's Cant Stop Rock'N Roll


Best male puppy with price of honour


Maxt out's Crash And Burn


2 in puppyclass for males with price of honour


Maxt out's Blood Red Sandman


1 in quality and reserv in openclass males


Sormus's Hope For Maxt out's


Best youth female with CK and 4 best female



Maxt out's Black Betty Bam-Ba-Lam


1 in quality and 3 in openclass females




SE UCH Dibest Swedish Lady


CK , 2 best female


A Big thank you for all that came to show our babies


and a extra thank you to Vicky and Annelie for


helping me handle the dogs!






Maxt out's Black Betty Bam-Ba-Lam became Best female with CAC


at Skara Nationell show, Big thank you to Vicky for all the help!


Also Big Congratulations to Kid for Caspers Best Of Breed!




Maxt out's Born To Be Wild has been in the showring,


here are the results


28- Feb-2010 Best Of Breed The Advance Western


Classic(CH) (Judge was Mrs G Gulbranson (NZ)


27-Feb-2010 Best Of Breed The Western Classic


"Advance" Show (CH)(Judge was Ms S Bister (Finland)


Big Congratulations to Kustali Mastiffs in Australia!




Copywright Kennel Maxt Ou's